Welcome to El Callejón Hotel Boutique, where we have taken care of every detail to make your stay an extraordinary life experience.

El Callejón Boutique Hotel takes an avant-garde approach by combining modern architecture with adobe walls that have withstood the pass of time and that hold secrets in every corner. The hotel has wide spaces decorated with natural lights and shadows that provide a relaxing atmosphere. Its exquisite decoration Integrates charm and distinction with Oaxacan handcrafts.

El Callejón Boutique is immersed in the Xochimilco neighborhood, just a few steps away from Oaxaca’s downtown area.

When the Dominics arrived in Oaxaca, they introduced new productive activities to the local indigenous people that quickly produced highly skilled artisans. The neighborhood of Xochimilco specialized on textile and tin crafts, skills that have been passed down from generation to generation and that can be found in numerous local handicrafts. At their workshops, they still use loom pedals to weave singular textiles.

El Callejón Boutique Hotel is an innovative proyecto with historical, cultural, and turístico context immersed in the heart of Oaxaca. 

As part of Oaxaca’s historic center, we have preserved within the hotel historic elements that have withstood the pass of time and allow us to image the Xochimilco neighborhood as it was by the end of the XIX century. Within this cultural context, we have created 12 unique rooms distributed in four towers with and exquisite contemporary 

 The main objective of El Callejón Hotel Boutique is to provide a space in Oaxaca where they disconnect from their everyday routines and experience Oaxaca’s blue skies, green vegetation, and lovely climate. Our spaces are wide open and w‘very decorated every corner with topical regional details, giving it a unique visual effect.

We have preserved the land’s original palms and trees along new additions to provide a relaxing space with natural shadows and a fresh feeling during the hot months.

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