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Welcome to El Callejón Hotel Boutique, we have taken care of every detail to make your stay an extraordinary life experience.

El Callejón Hotel Boutique is an eclectic mix of modern architecture and adobe walls that have stood the test of time. If you take the time to explore, these walls will reveal their ancient secrets to you. 

The hotel was built with big open spaces in mind. It has been decorated with lights and natural shadows to provide a peaceful and unique atmosphere. It’s exquisite decoration integrates charm, distinction and elements of traditional Oaxacan crafts.

When Dominican friars arrived in Oaxaca they introduced new activities to the indigenous tribes, and very soon, new artisan guilds started to sprout. People in the neighborhood of Xochimilco specialized in textiles and metal work, teachings that have been longtime passed from generation to generation. Local artisans still use pedal looms to weave unique multi-color pieces, and handmade tools that give form to thin blade sheets that slowly become masterpieces.


Our Essence

El Callejón Hotel Boutique is an innovative project built within the historical, cultural and touristic context that defines the city of Oaxaca. 

As part of the Historic Center Zone, Cultural Heritage of Humanity, we have preserved within our premises historic elements that have stood the test of time and that allow our visitors to imagine what the neighborhood of Xochimilco looked like at the turn of the XIX century. Within this environment we built 12 rooms organized in 4 exquisite contemporary towers that subtly integrate with vegetation, producing a relaxing, peaceful and unique atmosphere.  

 El Callejón Hotel Boutique was conceived with the main objective of providing our guests with a space in Oaxaca that allows them to disconnect from the city without losing it’s essence, blue sky and green vegetation. Our spaces are open, our rooms are spacious, and every single detailed has been thought of to create and outstanding architectural environment. We have preserved the original palms and trees, that in conjunction with the garden’s plants, provide a refreshing atmosphere during the hot summer months. ​

  • We separate trash and compost.
  • We recycle aluminum, glass, and PET.
  • We capture rain water for human consumption.
  • We filter gray waters to irrigate our gardens. 

 El Callejón Hotel Boutique

Callejón Morelos 103 Barrio de Xochimilco

 Oaxaca México


Hotel el Callejón

Callejón Morelos 103 Barrio de Xochimilco

 Oaxaca México


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